Technical Analysis

Technical analysis helps us understand an objects’ materials and techniques. Whether to reveal artistic changes of composition, establish the nature of an old restoration or to track and understand the reactions causing pigment discolouration, technical analysis is an invaluable tool and can help answer very precise questions. We have strong relationships with a number of conservation and art historical institutes and societies such as the Courtauld Institute of Art and the Hamilton Kerr Institute, and are able to draw on a wide network of expertise for pigment and medium analysis, dendrochronology, specialist imaging and interpretation. The studio has its own portable XRF machine for non-invasive pigment identification, as well as a stereo microscope.

A technical art history collaboration between conservators, scientists and curators: Pope Gregory from the Fathers of the Church painting series from Chastleton, National Trust
A cross section under magnification showing the pigment layer structure with shards of brilliant original azurite and a layer of non-original purple-blue overpaint on top