Conservation Framing

Much of the damage to paintings occurs due to poor framing: either through incorrect fitting of the painting in its frame, weak frame structure or the wrong hanging fixtures. Each painting and frame will have slightly different requirements. We would always endeavor to preserve as much evidence of historic fixtures and fittings as possible without compromising the safety of the object. Much of the frame conservation-restoration can be carried out in house, however should any complex treatment be required, the studio works with frame specialists.

Consolidation of flaking gilding and retouching of losses

On the occasion when a painting needs to travel for loan, reversible preventive solutions can help protect the object in transit. These may include a temporary “camy lining”, a solid insert or a bespoke backing to minimize the impact of vibration and risk of impact damage to the canvas, especially if it is unlined. Paintings on wooden supports can be particularly vulnerable due to the wood’s ability to shrink and expand with changes of humidity. This can be mitigated by ensuring the painting is properly fitted and supported in the frame, glazing and housing the painting inside a microclimate travel frame.

An example of a removable solid insert to protect paintings in transit